Musings About Music In Film

Testament of Youth

Title: Testament of Youth Composer: Max Richter

The Film: A British drama based on the memoir of Vera Brittain, a young woman in 1914 who overcomes obstacles to become an Oxford student, only to abandon her studies to be a war nurse with her brother and fiancee.

The Score: Sublime. Richter's score is simple at its core, with a solo piano providing the spine to build around. The composer uses beautiful and vibrant colour to illustrate the complexities of war and relationships, and just delivers some magnificent music.

Distinguishing Features: The gorgeously intimate 2, the mysterious 9 with its beautiful string combinations, and the simply wonderful finale of 21.

Final Thoughts: Max Richter has established himself as a fine new voice on the scoring scene, and Testament of Youth can only build on that. A superb score.

Testament of Youth is out now from Milan Records