Musings About Music In Film

The Neon Demon

It's always exciting when Cliff Martinez and Nicolas Winding Refn get together, and The Neon Demon is  no exception. Aggressive synths are the order of the day here, with a sense of the decadence and sleaze of the LA scene - the Hollywood dream as interpreted by Refn. Martinez's music sounds positively possessed, inspiring images of writhing spirits in a sacrificial orgy, with curious interludes of reflective space-age tones and the kind of dreamy melodies he's notorious for, and it moves from hedonism to being fraught with danger, and increasing tension with dissonant and avant-garde pieces that have a real sense of the absurd. It's a surreal and deranged journey, but one that is absolutely essential as a soundtrack. -CB The Neon Demon is out now from Milan Records