Musings About Music In Film

"Chinatown" Returns

Unbelievably great news as Intrada Records unleash a super expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith's iconic score to the Roman Polanski noir masterpiece Chinatown. Goldsmith's music has become the stuff of legend, originally replacing a score by Philip Lambro (itself available on Perseverence Records) with Goldsmith composing and recording his in a matter of weeks. What came from the composer was a stunning symphony of beauty and danger, with a wonderful neo-noir flavour that defines the film as much as Jake Gittes' nose plaster. The new edition from Intrada includes two CDs, the first including the original 1974 LP program (remastered) and the second holding the complete film score, with notes by Jeff Bond. This is a huge release and very important not just to film score fans and Goldsmith enthusiasts, but for the preservation of the art of film scores. Intrada have also released an expanded edition of Bruce Broughton's exciting Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco. You can order Chinatown here.