Musings About Music In Film

Hail, Caesar!

hail-caesar-1 Yet another score from the factory that is Carter Burwell, Hail Caesar! is the latest Coen Brothers movie that takes a decidedly background (or backlot) look at the world of Hollywood. Burwell's score is a wonderful pastiche of musical genres, all of them sounding dead on - the title track is a particularly great homage to the epic scores of Miklos Rozsa. We also get lovely noir pieces, comedy, and swinging romance. And that's even before Channing Tatum's wonderful showtune 'No Dames'. Hail Caesar! is at times thrilling, hilarious, and it's fun sometimes just to pick out the stylistic homages amidst Burwell's undoubtedly fantastic own music.

Hail Caesar! is out now from Back Lot Music