Musings About Music In Film

The Forest

fr Despite composing for a bunch of big TV shows, Bear McCreary hasn't really hit the big time movie scene that he perhaps deserves. Is The Forest likely to change this? Unfortunately the answer is less down to the actual music and more how the picture performs. McCreary's work is incredibly atmospheric, switching between brooding and haunting with ease. As usual with the composer there is significant choral work, although perhaps here there is too much. He captures the Japanese influence (the film is set there) well and avoids cliches, and while the ending 'Theme From The Forest' has hard rock elements that feel out of place, the ethereal and childlike vocals are certainly unsettling. But beyond that, there is not a great deal to recommend, especially in comparison to much of McCreary's previous music. It remains to be seen how it works in the film itself.

The Forest is out now from Sparks & Shadows