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Jurassic World (Vinyl)

9face09045dc2920e58ada7f4da5a790 Well it's been a while since Jurassic World took the box office by storm, and now Mondo's LP release of Michael Giacchino's score has finally hit turntables everywhere. It's still a fantastic score, with a nice reverence to the original themes but not to the point that it oversteps the mark. Giacchino comes up with some great original themes, one quite sweet and a few fairly nasty, and it's a really fun record.

Mondo have gone all out, and while the packaging is lovely it's the sound quality that you'll be growling about - in a good way. It's not the clearest sound in the world but that's a trade-off for a nice sense of depth. Play it loud and hear it roar.

Jurassic World is out now on vinyl from Mondo