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Thunderbirds Are Go, Vol. 1

vlcsnap-00547 They're back! Thankfully Thunderbirds Are Go ignores the crappy film reboot and has fashioned something more alike the original show and its Supermarionation style. Accompanying this is an exciting symphonic score from Nick and Ben Foster, working in tandem like the Tracy brothers to make sure International Rescue has the best action music possible in order to complete its missions. Anything can happen in the next two paragraphs!

TBAG presents a typically modern mix of symphonic and electronic elements, but never to the point where the electronics dominate. Brass is frequently used, which is a wonderful highpoint, but there are more subtler elements such as those used for Parker that have a very 60's spy sensibility to them. Quite a bit of the score does have a throwback feel, which is nice, and some of it feels like it was temped with Michael Giacchino's The Incredibles, certainly not a bad thing.

The only thing really missing for me is probably due to me being a fan of Barry Gray's music for the original series, and that's a full presentation of the theme. The new show is surprisingly unreliant on it, and while the main title and end credits both showcase the theme, neither have a full traditional rendition. But that's me nitpicking - Thunderbirds Are Go is a brilliantly fun soundtrack which respects the old while embracing the new - now do Stingray! -CB

Thunderbirds Are Go, Vol. 1 is out on December 4 from Silva Screen