Musings About Music In Film


e4a39c4b-5d50-4a63-9ccb-b037673e6e23-620x372 Michael Brook's score for Brooklyn captures the feel of being an immigrant, moving from one place to another and trying to evoke that in musical terms. Here is a journey from Ireland to New York, and it's what you'd expect, but nonetheless lovely to listen to. We get traditional stringed instruments representing the former, and when the latter comes into play it opens up with some wonderful colours, both piano and strings, ilustrating not just the sophistication but also the character's view of this, and also how romance blossoms from this. There are some gorgeous moments; 'Letter From Home' recalls memories of Ireland with a beautiful violin line, while the shrill piano quickly accompanied by plucked strings in 'Tony Asks Eilis Out' is a lovely little piece. It does go on a bit though - I can't help feeling it'd work better overall as a much shorter album, as there isn't a ton of variety.-CB

Brooklyn is out now from Lakeshore Records