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Shinobi III

Shinobi-III-Return-of-the-Ninja-Master-shinobi-24177283-640-448 Data Discs are killing it with this video game thing, and their latest is another 16-BIT classic in the ninja-clad guise of 1993's Shinobi III. Composed by the trio of Hirofumi Murasaki, Morihiko Akiyama and Masayuki Nagao, the game was originally released on the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis to US folk) and is a mix of complex melodies and thumping bass. One of the best things about these soundtracks is the way the composers kept innovating when essentially backed into a corner with the limitations of technology. Shinobi III is a testament to that, having been composed amidst what was essentially the MD's death throes, with the Saturn hot on its heels (not to mention the initial Sony Playstation) offering CD-quality sound out of the box. Data Discs have beautifully done it justice, with not only stunning art but a wonderfully clear sound, transferred from a Japanese MD unit. DD are three for three - will DATA004 continue their spree?* -CB

Shinobi III is available now on vinyl from Data Discs

*of course it will - it's Super Hang-On!