Musings About Music In Film

Out Of This World

6744812197_07851dfde7_b John Williams and the Boston Pops take on SF hits from the composer's catalogue as well as other composers - released in 1983, hence the appearance of multiple cues from the then-fresh Return of the Jedi. Of the three tracks, 'Jabba The Hutt' is the best; immense and also important, considering the loss of the actual recorded suite for the film, and is a highlight for any fans of the tuba. Williams' conducts superb arrangements of standards like Strauss' 'Also Sprach Zarathrustra' and Jerry Goldsmith's Alien. The program impresses on the whole, with a lively take on Stu Phillips' Battlestar Galactica and the welcome surprise of Marius Constant's Twilight Zone. Two cuts from the Star Trek franchise appear: a thrilling arrangement of the 60's theme and a somewhat languid rendition of Goldsmith's motion picture theme; sluggish but stately. Then there's Williams' E.T., that old favourite, impeccable as always. You can pick it up cheap pretty easily on LP and CD-CB