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Who Should Boldly Go To Score The New Star Trek?

USS-Enterprise-Star-Trek-4 It's back! CBS have just announced a new Star Trek television series, to debut January 2017. Nothing else has been announced, but obviously something has already started running around our heads like a rabid hamster: who should score the show.

Now they have a few options in terms of music already existing; they could do a new arrangement of Alexander Courage's classic theme (although JJ Abrams' Star Trek already did that), they could follow The Next Generation and use Jerry Goldsmith's Motion Picture theme (again, done, although it is amazing), or in a lovely touch they could use the beautiful seafaring theme the late James Horner composed for The Wrath of Khan and The Search For Spock.

Or, seeing as this *is* Star Trek, they go for something new. But who to go to?

Alan Silvestri (Back To The Future, Cosmos, Contact)

Silvestri instantly comes to mind, having not only produced music for science fiction movies like Flight of the Navigator and Predator, but also recently garnered praise for his score to the space-bound documentary Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. He can also write a hell of a catchy theme.

Michael Giacchino (Star Trek, John Carter, Jurassic World)

Giacchino is an obvious choice, maybe too obvious. He scored both of the previous nu-Trek movies, and has been to Mars with John Carter and Jupiter with Jupiter Ascending, too movies that had unbelievable scores independent of their quality. But is he too associated with the breezy space opera of Abrams?

Hans Zimmer (Interstellar, Man of Steel)

Hansy's work on Interstellar would definitely put him in the running, and he could make time for it with the additional composers he has around. But would his brand of loud minimalism be the right take for Roddenberry's universe?

Daniel Pemberton (The Man From UNCLE)

Pemberton is a great newcomer, having composed for TV shows like The Game before being promoted to feature film work like The Man From UNCLE and Steve Jobs. He showed with UNCLE that he can do the fun part, and people are raving about his Jobs score as well. As an up and comer, he'd probably be cheaper than the other guys too.

Steven Price (Gravity, Fury)

Price knows his way around space, having won an Oscar for the spectacularly immersive score to Gravity. His music for WW2 drama Fury showed he has the dramatic chops, and he also works in TV as well, so I imagine he'd be okay with stepping across to TV land.

I just hope they don't go with some dreary wallpaper composer like some of the ones out there - no names. There's a lot of potential here. Have a suggestion? Tweet us @filmsonwax -CB