Musings About Music In Film

Nightcrawler (Vinyl)


James Newton Howard's score for Dan Gilroy crime flick Nightcrawler may be unconventional compared to what people are used to hearing - his music for the M. Night Shayamalan films come to mind - but this is absolutely a good thing. Standing out immediately is a strong use of electric guitar, but what follows feels like a mix of witty plays on his own work and grimy textures and thudding percussion as a comment on the sleazy "nightcrawler" of the title. But what stands out is the Eno-esque colour that permeates the score, at odds with the fraught-with-danger atmosphere and feeling like a delusional attainment of morality. People talk about mainstream composing not having an edge sometimes, but it's here - you just need to focus on it. Invada's vinyl release is a lovely one, the vinyl sounding beautiful and clear but still retaining the layer of ethereal bullshit that Howard added for Jake Gyllenhaal's philosophy. -CB

Nightcrawler will be available later this year from Invada Records in two different sleeve designs - you can see them here at Bloody Disgusting