Musings About Music In Film


carol-cannes-film-festival-2 Carter Burwell is a hell of a hidden talent. He shouldn't be, and it's somewhat unfair that he seems to get relegated to the back row because he doesn't score blockbusters (although had a near-miss with Thor: The Dark World), but with the previous Mr. Holmes and now his score to Todd Haynes romantic drama Carol, he's showing a lot of other composers not only how good he is, but how easy he makes it look. Carol is absolutely gorgeous but nevertheless tinged with a bittersweet feel that hooks you in emotionally. This leads to some tense pieces, such as 'Gun', which Burwell handles effortlessly, and adds another dimension to the score, which seeps out from underneath a stunning but not flashy main theme. But while it's not overtly self-important like some scores of the same ilk, what makes Carol a great work is the way it goes for the emotional jugular, grabbing you with its beauty and at the same time digging its hooks into your feelings. Which is a great thing, really. -CB

Carol is out from Varese Sarabande on digital and CD on November 20