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Back To The Future Part II

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAbsAAAAJGE0ZjBhM2U2LTU0MjktNGVmZi1hYjU4LTU1YmY1MjFjZmY5Yw The trilogy concludes! After their reissue of the score to the first movie, and Varese's Part III, Intrada have finally issued the complete score to Back To The Future Part II. Alan Silvestri's music is as great as ever, with II having a decidedly darker tone that makes the appearances of the main theme all the more impactful - listen to 'Gray's Sports Almanac/If They Ever Did', where the tense brass and piano scoring Marty's apparent death is gloriously interrupted by a soaring rendition of the BTTF fanfare followed by the urgent main theme. This kind of sums up the score really, moving between those two tonalities, but it works beautifully and gives the finale a wonderfully emotional heft, especially when it's followed by the amazing 'The West' as a preview for the third film. The album sounds gorgeous and has a whole disc worth of alternate cues, bringing a trilogy of impeccable score releases to a close. Heavy, heavy stuff. -CB

Back To The Future Part II is out now on CD from Intrada Records, digitally from Geffen, and as a vinyl pre-order from Mondo