Musings About Music In Film

The Three Sisters

a4093231489_10 It's familiar. You've been here before. Haven't you? The eerie xylophone, the chugging electric guitars, what feels like a threat inside the coolest club you've ever been to. But wait... the voyeur... the killer... it's you. The music entrances you, it's an amalgamation of Goblin and Mogwai with atmosphere so thick you could slice it with a razor. The intensity, the inevitability - you can picture the black gloves, the hazy POV. But it's impossible to stop, to look away. Prog rock hasn't been this deadly since 1982.

The grinding guitars delight and repulse. The almost inaudible sighs, you could swear they say "witch!". It doesn't always work - you could say it has no restraint and some of it goes on for too long - but when it does work, you're in a different place. And you're fucked.

The Three Sisters is out now from Wii-Ru Records and can be purchased here