Musings About Music In Film

Bone Tomahawk


Modern Western scores have been in danger of stagnating of late, with many following the template set by Nick Cave and and Warren Ellis for movies like The Proposition to the limit. But there have been exceptions - Carter Burwell's True Grit a particularly great one - and Bone Tomahawk is a fine addition to that list. Composed by Jeff Herriott and director S. Craig Zahler, it immediately stands out due to the elegant strings that open the album, with a beautiful and evocative melody.

At its core Bone Tomahawk is a minimalist work that feels like a meditation on death. The score has a melancholy colour and feels like a soliloquy at times, becoming quite uncomfortable, notably with 'In The Defile' that references the Ligeti piece from 2001. But there's hope in there, and a sense of preservation amongst the elegy. It's a short album - clocking in at twenty minutes - but certainly worth your time. -CB

Bone Tomahawk is released on CD and digital on October 23 from Lakeshore Records