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Friday the 13th

1_trivia Title: Friday the 13th

Composer: Harry Manfredini

Label: Waxwork Records

The Record: The first in a series of reissues from the famous campground slaughter franchise that New Orleans-based Waxwork are preparing. It's a classic score, beginning with Manfredini's iconic and infamous "Ki-ki, Ma-ma" motif (taken from Pamela Voorhees' brain telling her "Kill her mommy" in the voice of her dead son Jason) and carrying on with incredibly tense string work. The finale is especially great, where Manfredini uses a serene melodic piece to set up the scene where Jason emerges from the lake - a spectacular end visually and musically, and the LP contains a song that melody originates from, named 'Sail Away Tiny Sparrow'.

Audiovisual: Sounds excellent. La-La Land Records had previously released the program on CD and have worked with Waxwork a few times, so I assume the same master was used here, albeit tweaked for vinyl by J. Yuenger. The cover painting by Jay Shaw is typically amazing and perfectly conjures up the film and its music, as does the insert art by Jackie Oakley. Waxwork issued several variants on this one - including the notorious blood-filled - but the one I had, murky green and red, sounds great.

Final Thoughts: A classic done right. Looks great, sounds great, and the score is a killer. Part 2 is shipping right now, with presumably 3(-D) to come - on the basis of this, we can't bloody wait.

-Charlie Brigden

Friday the 13th is available now from Waxwork Records