Musings About Music In Film


antman Title: Ant-Man

Composer: Christophe Beck

The Film: Michael Douglas hires Paul Rudd to utilise his skills as a thief, he eventually becomes the heroic titular superhero. Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which by this point seemingly controls the world.

Distinguishing Features: Beck's stock continues to rise after Disney mega-hit Frozen, and his Ant-Man score is a breath of fresh air. Clever two-part main theme alternates between sneaky catlike tones and the obligatory heroic statement, with the latter used to beautiful effect on strings in 'The Quantum Abyss'.

Due to the nature of the film as a heist picture, Beck injects the score with flavours recalling similar capers from the 60's. 'I'll Call Him... Antony' is a hilariously swaggering big band cue with treacle-like brass and the low registers of the piano, while 'Scott Surfs On Ants' is straight out of the Neil Hefti scorebook. But the best is saved for last, with 'Tales To Astonish' that is basically the main theme run through a Dick Dale surf-guitar filter with added Theremin. It's awesome! Album and film curiously use track from 1973 Roy Ayers score to the Pam Grier flick Coffy, but it fits well and is a magnificent example of 70's funk.

Final Thoughts: Infectious (or should that be Insectious?), Christophe Beck's Ant-Man is a fun listen that will give you earworms for days. It's a bit too long as an album, but it fits in well with the other Marvel scores while being its own thing. (insert ant-related pun here).

Ant-Man is available digitally from Hollywood Records

- Charlie Brigden