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Lost for Words

By Karol Krok lostforwords

Title: Lost for Words

Composer: Andre Matthias

The Film: In this classic star-crossed love setting, director Stanley J. Orzel tells a story of an ex-Marine falling in love with Chinese ballerina. Largely derivative and tired, Lost for Words didn't exactly spark a warm reception among critics at the time of its release back in 2013.

Distinguishing Features: Andre Matthias gets his opportunity to create a modern melodramatic score. It draws its inspiration from both Western and Eastern cultures, unsurprisingly, but creates a much more modern stew out of those ingredients. The string section brings back a more old fashioned touch, while several instrumental soloist supply the intimate aspects. Solo guitar solos from Riccardo Rocchi bring a more contemporary feel to this established love story trope (‘A New City’). Interesting is the use of various ethnic woodwinds, which in tandem with solo string instruments, create a subtle sense of exoticism (‘Yes Is Yes. No is No’). Solo soprano and chorus add a mysterious and haunting touch (‘You. I. Us. Go On a Date’ and 'Against All Odds').

Final Thoughts: Lost for Words is a subtle and refined work that brings in gentle melodies and ethnic eclecticism without succumbing to cheesiness and/or cheap melodrama. It’s a quiet and contemplative album and certainly deserves attention.

Lost for Words is out now from Plaza Mayor Company Ltd