Musings About Music In Film

Music From The Star Wars Saga

By Charlie Brigden swsaga

Title: Music From The Star Wars Saga

Composer: John Williams; performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

The Film: Six large-scale space opera films, about three good ones.

The Score: Another compilation of music from the saga,arranged in order of release. Episodes I, IV, and V all get four tracks each, with the rest only receiving one. All but one tracks are recorded by the reliable CoPPO, albeit with different conductors. It makes a difference too, with the best-sounding tracks conducted by the brilliant Nic Raine.

Distinguishing Features: The excellent if sometimes off-tempo 'The Throne Room', the beautiful 'Princess Leia' and 'Across The Stars'. The lovely 'Anakin's Theme'.

Final Thoughts: Somewhat of a mixed bag. Ideal perhaps for introducing someone to the music of the saga, and the album features the tracks you'd imagine. Perhaps it should have been a 2-CD set as Return of the Jedi is woefully underrepresented. It works better for me in a different program arrangement, if you want to try mine arrange/program the tracks as follows:  1,3,13,10,5,8,6,2,11,14,9,12,7,15,4.

Music From The Star Wars Saga is out now on CD and digital from Silva Screen