Musings About Music In Film

Spooks - The Greater Good

By Charlie Brigden Kit-Harrington-269391

Title: Spooks - The Greater Good

Composer: Dominic Lewis

The Film: Jon Snow runs on rooftops with his curly locks flapping in the wind. Also he has a gun. Girls will swoon as he fights evil terrorism in the film version of the BBC show.

The Score: James Bond does dubstep. The melodies are okay but Lewis can't leave well enough alone and has to pepper the score with all kinds of electronic scratching and stuff. May represent the danger of snooping technology and all that jazz but it doesn't make it very fun or interesting to listen to.

Distinguishing Features: The quiet and sparse piano in 'Pocket Litter', the mournful 'Southbank Sniper', the restrained 'The Greater Good'.

Final Thoughts: It's okay, it's just all a bit dull and generic. Some tracks stand out, but not a great deal. I imagine it's okay with the film, but on album I found it quite underwhelming.

Spooks - The Greater Good is out on May 25 from Silva