Musings About Music In Film

The Age of Adaline

By Charlie Brigden ageofadaline

Title: The Age of Adaline

Composer: Rob Simonsen

The Film: A romantic fantasy about a woman who has stayed the same age - 29 - for eighty years but has to decide whether or not to give up her secret in the face of true love. A bit like Highlander in a skirt. A non-Tartan skirt.

The Score: Simonsen's score is quite beautiful and charming, with his primary weapons strings, piano, and female choral voices. Threatens to spill into saccharine at times but never quite topples over.

Distinguishing Features: The driving 'Never Speak A Word Of Her Fate', the tender 'Constellations', the soaring 'Twisted Around The Truth'.

Final Thoughts: Didn't really see this coming, but Rob Simonsen's writing for The Age of Adaline is enchanting and beautiful. Lovely, lovely stuff.

The Age of Adaline is out now on CD and digital from Lakeshore Records