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A bit of a short one this week, mainly because nothing's really happened. Well okay, things have happened. I mean, Zayn, what gives man? You were One Direction. Okay. So we have more Star Wars shenanigans this week, with the news that for the first time ever a John Williams Star Wars score will not be recorded in the UK. Traditionally performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, Williams' Star Wars music has been recorded at places like Anvil Studios and Abbey Road but now will be created over several months with a freelance orchestra in Los Angeles. This is not a surprise; Williams has been done travelling for a while but this is nevertheless a coup for the LA music side who have wanted to bring back scoring to Hollywood, although presumably they'll be willing to match the foreign deals.

This week's composer merry go round concerns a film I know we're all looking forward to: Terminator Gene... Geni... Part Five. Scorer Lorne Balfe (Penguins of Madagascar, The Sweeney) has replaced Christophe Beck (Frozen, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) on the "project", with Hans Zimmer coming on as executive producer. Presumably Beck has his hands full already given that he's scoring Marvel's Ant-Man and Blue Sky's Peanuts, and while Balfe isn't the most interesting replacement I'm tempted to say nobody cares due to the trainwreck that TP5 has looked like from the first trailer.

In release news this week we have a towering score from two of the greatest composers in film music history. The Egyptian was a collaboration between Bernard Herrmann (Psycho, Vertigo, Taxi Driver) and Alfred Newman (How The West Was Won, The Diary of Anne Frank, How Green Was My Valley) and to be frank is an incredible score. The music has been released in a couple of iterations recently, but the latest is coming from La-La Land as a 2-CD set of the complete score and is available now.

If you're interested in getting some of the best of recent LPs from Death Waltz, Invada, One Way Static, and Mondo, the awesome Shipping Records have a sale on until Sunday on certain items - we reviewed the new Halloween III reissue here, it's unbelievably awesome. Go scare your bank manager by clicking here

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