Musings About Music In Film

The Wax Cylinder #5

By Charlie Brigden Enter The Dangerous Mind (Reza Safinia, Lakeshore) A psychological thriller based in the world of EDM - Electronic Dance Music. We're supplied various beats, from techno to reggae, with lots of distortion and standard melodies, and it all blends into one. It probably fits the film, but it's dull and there's no impact whatsoever. The second half threatens to become interesting, but dissolves into sub-Reznor sound design.

Girlhouse (Tomandandy, Lakeshore) Modern slasher set in a camgirl house. Lots of sinister sounds, very electronic but not interesting to listen to. When it does ramp up, it sounds pretty generic with the usual electronic pulsing. There's a nice melody in 'No Cameras' but it's too little too late.

The Song (Vince Emmett, Lakeshore) Lovely stuff from a movie about a songwriter who suffers the usual temptations when he suddenly hits stardom. Some wonderful southern melodies, very soulful. Emotional, evocative - lots of guitar, banjo, harmonica. Pretty much what you'd expect, but the music sounds beautiful, with wonderful harmonies and some lovely soaring string overlays.

Debug (Timothy Williams, Lakeshore) Yet another science fiction horror set in a space prison. Strong action in places but it's not particularly subtle or original. Uses the Zimmer action template a lot and its a relief when simple piano is used, no matter how brief. There are a lot of electronics used and this certainly helps the palette, but while Williams has promise Debug doesn't seem to stretch his abilities.