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The Weekly Wax

And here we are again, and with such news! The film score world has gone mental over a few things this week, and we have some excellent new releases on CD and vinyl, including an animated muscleman, another Bernard Herrmann classic, and a dude with a sack on his head. First up is the SHOCK! HORROR! news that John Williams will not be scoring the next Steven Spielberg film. I know, I know. Due to scheduling issues and a "now corrected" minor health issue Williams will be replaced on period thriller Bridge of Spies by perennial Oscar nominee Thomas Newman, once known as one of the best composers in Hollywood until he dared to score a James Bond film (Skyfall). We're glad it's a minor health thing, and would prefer he put all his effort into making sure Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the best score it can be. The full press release is at From Director Steven Spielberg.

Speaking of Star Wars, they've finally announced who will be scoring the recently announced spin-off movie Rogue One, and it'll be Alexandre Desplat who will be making his way to that galaxy far, far away to work again with director Gareth Edwards (Godzilla). Of course the film score community went mental once again, because Desplat is obviously a terrible composer despite scoring four highly regarded scores in 2014 alone. But while some people have nuts opinions about Desplat, the main problem people have is that he just isn't John Williams. Well no shit. But how many of you actually expected Williams to score the spin-off movies? If your hand is raised, you're an idiot.

Our favourite labels are all making our wallets hurt this week, as per usual. We'll start with vinyl, where Death Waltz are launching acclaimed vampire drama A Girl Who Walks Home Alone At Night. It's being launched at a special pop-up event at SXSW, and presumably it'll be up for order shortly. In other news, Waxwork are throwing LPs at us left right and centre, with the announcement that they're putting out Popol Yuh's score to the Werner Herzog remake of Nosferatu, and will be following that with a series of Herzog/Yuh albums. Last friday they also put up the second in their Friday the 13th line, with Harry Manfredini's Part 2 up for pre-order. The art is unbelievably good on this one.

On the CD front, Kritzerland have announced another Bernard Herrmann classic to follow The Day The Earth Stood Still. Originally included in the Varese Sarabande Herrmann at 20th Cebntury Fox boxset, Beneath The 12-Mile Reef is now up for order. Another expanded Jerry Goldsmith score has been released by Intrada with his music for Richard E. Grant fantasy flick Warlock. This is paired with Elmer Bernstein's score to the 1981 Tony Danza "comedy" Going Ape! Meanwhile, La-La Land have announced that they will be debuting at WonderCon the original score to the Filmation cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. This is actually a pretty big coup, so well done to them.

One last thing on La-La Land: they've started to move into the digital realm, and one thing they're doing is releasing volumes of the Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection digitally. Originally available in a massive multi-disc set that wasn't cheap (but was certainly worth it), this is a brilliant bite-sized way to allow people to collect a lot of landmark music. Maybe others should follow suit (Varese and the above Herrmann box comes to mind).

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