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The Weekly Wax

Welcome to The Weekly Wax, your, um, weekly look at the world of film music and the like. A lot of stuff happens that maybe doesn't deserve its own article, but people would like to know, so expect a lot of rumour, conjecture, and speculation on a number of things. Also me just being uber-geeky about things. The big news this week is the announcement of releases for Record Store Day 2015, with some great soundtrack releases on wax emerging amongst the indie rubbish. There's some great stuff from the usual suspects such as Death Waltz and Invada but the killer comes from Cinevox with a lovely 5 7" boxset. Read about the full release list here.

Another big piece of news came from the unlikely source of a poster, in this case confirming the arrival of Danny Elfman to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Scored mainly by Brian Tyler, the poster states "Additional Music by Danny Elfman", which lead to speculation on whether Marvel weren't happy with what Tyler had recorded thus far or if Spider-Man would be making an appearance in the film after Marvel signed a deal with Sony to use the character in the MCU - Elfman of course scored the first two parts of Sam Raimi's spider-trilogy in 2002 and 2004. There's still nothing else around this, so your guess is as good as mine although it's just over a month to the film's release.

But where one is fact, another is strictly in the rumour column as news spread like Katie Price's legs over twitter as we were told John Williams would definitely be conducting the London Symphony Orchestra whilst recording the score for the upcoming Star Wars film The Force Awakens. Denials swiftly followed via the LSO's Twitter account and Tommy Pearson, the Classic FM DJ who had apparently kicked off the rumour. So while you can chalk it off for the time being, it's still very likely - the LSO have such a history with the franchise, with all six movies being performed by them - and bar Williams' health, I can't see there be any reason why they can't, especially given the ongoing issues with LA musicians and costs.

If you're a Disney fan, you might want to increase your patience a tad. Walt Disney Records have announced a bit of a change to their schedule for their brilliant Legacy Collection releases, with a delay in their Toy Story edition and a move up for Cinderella. More interestingly, they've sublicenced their edition of Lady and the Tramp to Intrada, which could signal more classic releases coming from Doug Fake's label. Hopefully more on this shortly.

And now a word from our sponsors - well, they're not our sponsors but they provide a fine service (although if they want to sponsor us and give us records I wouldn't say no) - Shipping Records are a new site providing the best of the soundtrack vinyl world to UK folks, stocking Mondo, Dagored, Waxwork, and other worldwide labels that aren't necessarily the easiest to get hold of, as well as the cream of the UK crop - hit them up at the moment as they have the Interstellar LP for pre-order.

Speaking of Interstellar, the score will have a live- to-picture performance on the 30th of March at the Royal Albert Hall. You might want to get in quick if you want to go given the date, but there are also more upcoming performances of other live scores at the RAH, including Henry Mancini's Breakfast At Tiffany's and a whole host of music from the Star Trek franchise.

Lastly, here's a quick link to the recent reviews and features we've rustled up for you. This is it for now, but we'll be back with some great stuff shortly - and if any of you fancy writing for us, send us an email here. Have a better one...

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