Musings About Music In Film


By Charlie Brigden allies

Score: Allies

Composer: Philippe Jakko

The Film: Different nationalities must put their differences aside to ensure a super secret mission that could help end World War II succeeds.

The Score: Jakko's score is impressive in terms of melody and orchestration, with a lovely central melody that works well as soaring and inspirational piece or as tense underscore. Action setpieces stand out with percussive elements and muted brass, and the score is allowed to breath with quiet, reflective moments.

Distinguishing Features: The noble and inspiring 'Brothers', the tense 'Forest Battle', the haunting 'German Camp', the lovely rendition of the main theme in 'Harry and Catherine', and the Batman-esque strings with brass and choral elements in 'Traitor + Hero'.

Final Thoughts: An excellent album. Held together by a wonderful main theme that's never over-exploited, Allies is a great little score that deserves more exposure.

Allies is out now from MovieScore Media