Musings About Music In Film


By Charlie Brigden chappie

Title: Chappie

Composer: Hans Zimmer (additional music by Steve Mazzaro and Kawcynski)

The Film: Chappie 5 is alive! A robot is ditched by its manufacturer and becomes self-aware after hooking up with South African rap weirdos Die Antwoord.

The Score: The worst thing Zimmer has done in a while, although I'm hesitant to assign blame when there are two additional composers. Given Zimmer's statement on the score you'd think he was the first ever composer to write purely for electronics, but here we get a boring mix of normal RCP cliches and riffs on Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, and other synth heavy film scores.

Distinguishing Features: There's a bit where you totally hear Blade Runner's iconic 'Memories of Green', and yet it's still the most effective part of the score. The chiptune finale is cool, but by that time it's just a waste.

Final Thoughts: Dull and derivative. After scoring big with Interstellar, Zimmer has reverted to some of his worst tropes.

Chappie is out now from Varese Sarabande