Musings About Music In Film


By Karol Krok Salma-Hayek-Everly

Title: Everly

Composer: Bear McCreary

The Film: Salma Hayek plays a prostitute Everly running for her life from crime lord Taiko after he discovers her link to ongoing police investigation. Trapped in her apartment, she needs to face numerous deadly assassins.  The film is a love letter to both Asian action cinema and Die Hard. And full of delightful gory violence.

The Score: Director Joe Lynch was a big fan of Bear’s percussion/ethnic combo heard in Battlestar Galactica television series. Once the composer of this music, Bear McCreary, was on board, he was asked him to incorporate the Eastern instruments known from that seriers, with small orchestra, electronics and… Christmas music. And that’s exactly what he delivered.

Distinguishing Features: ‘A Gift from Taiko’ features a wide array of, surprise-surprise, taiko drums as well as harsh electronic beats to create tense sonic backdrop for the bloody conflict to ensue. ‘Everly End Credits’ feel like an electronic remix of various ethnic elements from Battlestar Galactica punctuated by the steady beeping rhythm of heart rate monitor. Very tongue-in-cheek. In between brutal and harsh cues, some tender material can be found as well ('Resolution'). The album is additionally spiced up with several Christmas-themed songs.

Final Thoughts: Everly might not be as immediately enjoyable as many other scores from Bear McCreary but it's a testament of his versatility and eclectic tastes in music. Quirky fun and something different, especially when experienced around Christmas.

Everly is out now from Sparks & Shadows