Musings About Music In Film

The Loft

By Karol Krok loft

Title: The Loft

Composer: John Frizzell

The Film: A modern thriller about five married men with double lives, their secret posh hideout, dead female body and... 9% score on Rotten Tomatoes. An unnecessary remake of popular Flemish film... ruined by the original’s director (!). That’s all we need to know, really.

The Score: Composer John Frizzell created a score that is a hybrid of live instruments (string section and brass) and wide array of synthesisers. He creates a distorted palette where live instruments are being manipulated electronically and altered to the point where they start to sound completely unfamiliar This approach, along with intersecting thematic cells, is supposed mirror film’s labyrinthine plot.

Distinguishing Features: Most of the score is quite moody and athmospheric. The opening cue (’The Loft Main Titles’) features rhythmic strings to build up suspense of this urban thriller. This device, prevalent in the genre ever since John Powell used it in his Jason Bourne films, drives many sequences (especially ’Casino Night Part 1’ and ’Confession Part 2’) and presents the only real listenable material on the soundtrack album. The rest of the music is ambient and largely interchengeable.

Final Thoughts: The Loft won’t impress many people on album unless they’re interested in analysing how Frizzell maps out his motivic ideas and textures to mirror the convoluted narrative of this unfortunate film. As such, it will impress with its intelligence. For casual listen, it is hard to recommend.

The Loft is out now from Varese Sarabande