Musings About Music In Film

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

By Charlie Brigden jlthrone

The Film: Aquaman gets his turn on the Justice League animated movie bandwagon, as the USA is threatened by the Ocean Master. Only one can save them - a man called Arthur.

The Score: Frederik Weidmann's control of orchestral and electronic elements have made him a popular choice for DCAU properties and he brings both to the fore here. While thematic, there's no melody that immediately stands out but we still have a healthy dose of fine action music and noble chords for the man from Atlantis.

Distinguishing Features: The powerful martial music of '2', the ethereal '9', the emotional '1o' and the impressive '22'.

Final Thoughts: While perhaps not as enjoyable as his music for The Flashpoint Paradox and Green Lantern, Throne of Atlantis still packs a strong musical punch. The mix of traditional and synthetic elements works a treat, although stronger thematic connections would have made it above-average.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis is out now from La-La Land Records