Musings About Music In Film

The Interview

By Charlie Brigden theinterview

The Film: The film that nearly killed America supposedly, as Seth Rogen and James Franco rip one out of North Korean leader Kim-Jong Un. Also included is celebrity disaster movie This Is The End.

The Score: Both are actually pretty good scores. The Interview has some fine militaristic material and tense spy score without going over the top, and has some surprisingly emotional moments. This Is The End is a big take on Hollywood's Golden Age with massive choruses and brass. It's a blast.

Distinguishing Features: The nice piano and strings in 'So Long Sook' and the brief but effective 'Grand Finale from The Interview. The brilliant 'Inferno On Melrose', the Omen-style chanting in 'The Exorcism Of Jonah Hill', the fab 'The Final Rapture', all from This Is The End.

Final Thoughts: Both are quite enjoyable scores, but This Is The End is the superior, to the point where it's a bit of a shame it's piggybacking off its cousin. Nevertheless, it's all worth your time.

The Interview is available on Tuesday from La La Land Records