Musings About Music In Film

The Silence

By Charlie Brigden silence

Title: The Silence

Composer: I Speak Machine

The Film: The Silence comes from I Speak Machine's own short film, which carries the same name. It's a sci-fi/horror, which would explain the futuristic and at times harrowing sound of the album.

The Score: Composed and performed by Tara Busch and produced by the short's director Maf Lewis, the album takes the core music from the sci-fi/horror and expands on it to create a more expansive and immersive musical experience. What follows is an amazing piece of electronic work that sounds absolutely fresh, while paying lip service to scores like The Terminator and the inevitable Blade Runner.

Distinguishing Features: The opening and closing pairing of 'Run' and 'Crawl Home', both with haunting vocals by Ms. Busch. The terrifyingly dystopian 'Arrogance'. The tense 'Insomniac'. The fat distortion of 'Heart Is Not A Home'.

Final Thoughts: Recommended for those who love their electronics in a way nature never intended and doesn't endorse. And people who like good music.

The Silence is out now from Lex Records