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In The Tapedeck: Night At The Museum 3

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Title: Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb

Composer: Alan Silvestri

The Film: Ben Stiller and co return for a third time to stop a magic tablet being less magic. Sadly, one of the last film appearances of the great Robin Williams.

The Score: A lot of fun. It's the kind of typical big movie work Silvestri has been consistently churning out since the days of Back To The Future, and while it's perhaps not the most inspiring score to listen to, I found it a pleasure with a lot of charm.

Distinguishing Features: Silvestri's usual talent with melodies, particularly injecting them into action pieces that otherwise might just be anonymous. His use of brass is also excellent. The final track, 'Teddy's Goodbye', is in reference to Robin Williams' character, and it's hard to disassociate his passing with the cue, which is probably the best in the score, moving from reverence to a final display of fun.

Final Thoughts: It's a credit to Alan Silvestri that even the movies that seem like just another paycheque get some pretty nice music (although I haven't heard NATM 1 and 2 so for all I know this could be a carbon copy) and while it won't be held up with his best, it's the best we could probably hope for from a third franchise film. And the final doff of the cap - be it to Williams' character or the actor himself - is a lovely way to end it.

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb is out now from Varese Sarabande