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In The Tapedeck: Enter The Dragon


In The Tapedeck is a look at soundtracks for people on the go, with brevity and straight to the point favoured over things like paragraphs... enterthedragon

Title: Enter The Dragon

Composer: Lalo Schifrin

The Film: Bruce Lee joins forces with John Saxon and Jim Kelly to take down a drug kingpin via a kung fu tournament. The film that made Lee an international superstar, even more poignantly that he died shortly after.

The Score: Schifrin has been a master at making instantly iconic tunes across his career, and Enter The Dragon is no exception. The main title theme is aces, with a brilliant Eastern feel crossed with wah-wahs and big brass. The whole thing is marvellous.

Distinguishing Features: Schifrin's command of musical elements that would be cheesy in other people's hands demands respect. And then there's that version of the theme with the 'Hwaaa!' noises. Mega. This version is also extended from from the original LP.

Final Thoughts: If you don't have this, buy it. If you do have this, you don't have this version, so buy it. You need to own this score.

Enter The Dragon is out now from Aleph Records