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The Invada & Death Waltz X-mas Gift Guide


fig.1: Weeks/Hickman

Yes, I know it's the 18th but it doesn't matter - here are the young men of Invada Records and Death Waltz Recording Co. - Redg Weeks and Spencer Hickman - telling you what should be on your lists this X-mas...

Redg BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW - Sinoia Caves (Death Waltz) Utter brilliance - by far my number one soundtrack to be released in 2014. Major jealousy that we didn't get to release this [clip].

Spencer THE HIRED HAND - Bruce Longhorne (Scissortail) Incredible score to a 1971 Peter Fonda film no one knows about [clips].

Spencer/Redg UNDER THE SKIN - Mica Levi (Milan) Do believe the hype. This score has pretty much been a game-changer in Hollywood this year with directors and music supervisors screaming out for something similar (and so far failing to get anything even remotely close) [clip].

Redg SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT /CHRISTMAS EVIL Spencer cheekily announced these just before the festive season. Great soundtracks - genius idea [clip].

Redg FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON - Power Glove (Invada) Two lawyers sent back from the streets of future, post apocalyptic Los Angeles 2043 [clip].

Spencer ALL THE COLOURS OF THE DARK - Bruno Nicolai (Finders Keepers) Bruno Nicolai's immense score to the odd occult giallo by Sergio Martino [link].

Redg THE KNICK - Cliff Martinez (Milan) Cliff is such a talent - few can get boast such an impressive catalogue. This is his best work since Spring Breakers [clip].

Redg THE IRON GIANT - Michael Kamen (Mondo) Classical score to my favourite ever animation gets a welcome LP release [clip].

Spencer UTOPIA, SEASON 1 - Cristobal (Silva Screen) Cristobal's soundtrack to the Channel 4 series has been getting rave reviews and it's not hard to see why - unbelievable! [link]

Redg NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR - Charlene Brown (NoVisibleScars/Vinegar Syndrome) A 7" sent to me by Seb from One Way Static Records. Side A pure 80's cheese-rock : Side B some instrumental piano to counter-act the guitar solo's on the flip [clip].

Redg STREET TRASH - Rick Ulfick (Lunaris) Superb soundtrack to one of the most ridiculous, yet entertaining films ive ever seen [clips].

Spencer FROM OUT HERE - The Advisory Circle (Ghost Box Music) A great record inspired by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop [link].

Spencer/Redg SURF NAZIS MUST DIE - Jon McCallum (Strange Disc) Another welcome gift from One Way Static - huge mid to late 80's soundtrack that will be in a lot of people's end of year charts [clip].

Redg WARNING SIGN - Craig Safan (Invada) A personal project of mine to licence and release this (just at the end of 2014).the first score allegedly made solely using the Synclavier synthesiser. Extremely dark & haunting [clips].

Redg COLD IN JULY - Jeff Grace (Milan) Another gem of a release from Milan Records - available now digitally, forthcoming on LP in 2015 [clip].

Redg WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Primus with The Fungi Ensemble  (Prawn Song) Not so much a soundtrack more a 're-imagined score' from one of the most barmy (yet multi million selling) alternative rock bands. This is excellent and totally worthy picking up [clip].

Spencer THE BLACK MILL TAPES VOL. 3/4 - Pye Corner Audio (PCA) Exceptional electronic work that sounds like the greatest film music never recorded [link].

Redg GONE GIRL - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross (Columbia) This works a lot better in the film as opposed to a stand-alone piece of music but still a strong soundtrack and you can tell from the first note its a 'Reznor' production [clip].

Spencer EATEN ALIVE - Roberto Donati (Kronos Records) Roberto Donati's score to the notorious cannibal flick is the best possible music to eat arms by [link]

Redg HANNIBAL, SEASON 1/2 - Brian Reitzell (Invada) One of the most ambitious projects I've ever worked on. 4 double LP's of modern classical mixed with dark electronic ,intricate minimal compositions [clip].

Spencer RUNNING FROM THE SUN - Chromatics The experts from Drive with another LP of essential material [link].

Redg THE VISITOR - Franco Micalizzi (Mondo) Not normally into anything too 'funky' but this is excellent & has stayed near my turntable for the majority of the year. Music aside Mondo did a fantastic job with the entire packaging of the LP [clip].

Spencer ESCAPE FROM WITCHTROPOLIS - Espectrostatic (Trouble In Mind) This cannot really be described. Just close your eyes and think of the greatest electro-score around, and you're there [link].