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In The Tapedeck: The Equalizer

In The Tapedeck is a look at soundtracks for people on the go, with brevity and straight to the point favoured over things like paragraphs... By Charlie Brigden


Title: The Equalizer

Composer: Harry Gregson-Williams

The Film: Denzel Washington is Edward Woodward in another adaptation of an 80's TV favourite. Ex-commando McCall comes out of self-retirement to rescue a young prostitute from Russkie gangsters and deliver his particular brand of justice. Which, according to one of the track names, includes torturing.

The Score: HGW's score is exactly what you'd expect, both from the composer and as a soundtrack for this kind of movie. Lots of angry and aggressive distorted guitar, pulsing electronics, and an occasional interruption of piano to show how emotional Denzel is.

Distinguishing Features: The piano is kind of nice, and there's a decent post-rock anthem type at the end.

Final Thoughts: Anonymous, really. It's not terrible but it's not really good, it's just there. As cookie-cutter as it comes.

The Equalizer is out now from Varese Sarabande