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In The Tapedeck: Rear Window

In The Tapedeck is a look at soundtracks for people on the go, with brevity and straight to the point favoured over things like paragraphs… By Charlie Brigden


Title: Rear Window

Composer: David Shire

The Film: The late, great Christopher Reeve emulates Jimmy Stewart in a made-for-TV remake of Hitchcock's great thriller.

The Score: A supreme balance of beauty and terror. Using a versatile theme reprised in several different tones, Shire engrosses you in the narrative only to throw your expectations out the window with the way he blends the tense strings and woodwinds. Amazing.

Distinguishing Features: The absolutely mad tension all the way through, the beautiful and serene main title, the bits of funk and jazz, the sheer way the whole score wraps itself around you and doesn't let go until the very end.

Final Thoughts: David Shire shows once again what an underrated composer he really is. Rear Window is a marvel, blending classical and jazz elements to create a score that's a joy to listen to even though it'll leave you with no nails.

Rear Window is out now from MovieScore Media