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Catching Up With Invada Records

watchodgs3 Vinyl nerds wet their panties at the release of Power Glove's Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on Record Store Day '14, and now it's back from Invada, along with the score to currently massive game Watch_Dogs. I caught up with label manager Redg Weeks for the inside scoop...

How did the Watch Dogs release come to be?

It was two separate incidents actually. Firstly, Erica Farjo - a very gifted Los Angeles photographer/artist who's a mutual friend of mine and Brian's (Rietzell composer of the score) - introduced us. Brian has composed all the music for the Hannibal TV show amongst other things, and was into what Invada had been doing, especially with bands like BEAK>. So I think there was a mutual respect and a desire on both parts to work together on a project

At the same time (through our Record Store Day release of Power Glove's Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon score) I had met Jeremy Blechet, who's the head of music at Ubisoft. We got along well and he suggested Watch_Dogs for Invada. As a huge coincidence, it turned out Brian had composed the Watch_Dogs score and my mind was blown the first time i heard it. We signed it straight away within a matter of days.

And you're issuing a new edition of Far Cry 3. Is there any difference to the RSD14 version?

Yes, this one we took our time over. Basically the RSD version of FC3 sold out within minutes, let alone hours. A lot of people were left disappointed and in some instances went a bit far, throwing accusations at us that we had purposely limited the quantity to create hysteria. At Invada we have always tried to be transparent with the public and sometimes it's not to our benefit. We explained to people that this was a license from a games company and as such there were restrictions and contracts we had to comply with.

So once the dust had settled from that, we spoke to everyone involved in the project - from all our distributers to James White (aka Signalnoise, who did the artwork) to the game's creator Dean Evans - and it was agreed that as the record had surpassed all our expectations we would make a different version on Black 140gram double vinyl. The new version doesn't have the FC3 poster in it, but contains the VHS insert and download card like the original. People that have the original variant are safe in the knowledge that their pink LP with the poster wont be repressed, but people can now get this more standard version if they missed out originally. There will be moaning from some quarters, but you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Anything else on the horizon you're allowed to talk about?

Well, soundtrack-wise we actually have four more lined up, two this year and two at the start of next year. All I can say about the ones we have for the remainder of 2014 is that one's a joint venture/project that I've been discussing with JC at Milan Records about for a long time now - and from my personal perspective I'm very excited about - and the plan will be that Invada will release in Europe and Milan will do North America. We hope to announce details very soon, possibly via Pitchfork so keep an eye out there.

The other project we will announce exclusively via U.S Horror website Bloody Disgusting over the next few weeks - all I can tell you is that it's a mid-80's sci-fi thriller soundtrack that's synth heavy, with great electronic music. The score is by a very respected composer - not just known for sci-fi and horror but all genres.

All I can tell you about next year is the two we have lined up both feature my office compatriot Geoff Barrow. Can't say anymore on that now or give any clues away, so sorry!!

You can pre-order Far Cry 3 and Watch_Dogs at Invada