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Terminator 2 RSD14

By Charlie Brigden t2

There's a certain portion of the vinyl audience out there who seem to collect the format for the sleeve art, and those gals and guys must've been over the moon when Silva Screen announced their special release for Record Store Day 2014: a 7" single of selections from Brad Fiedel's score to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, wrapped in a foil sleeve with a robotic Terminator head embossed on the front. On the actual record - on black vinyl - there are four score cuts from the film, making up a little mini-album that works quite well.

As you'd expect, leading the charge is the main theme from the first two films, on the single as 'Main Title (Terminator 2 Theme)'. Appropriately for the megabudget sequel, it's a lot more bombastic and "epic" than the simple synth arrangement from the first movie, with a soaring version of the theme and a big choir backing it up and making sure we know just how big and blockbustery this movie is. That probably sounds more negative than it's supposed to, as it's actually a really good track, upping the musical stakes (and budget) while still having the Terminator feel, aka banging anvils, and the choral section does a good job of being a bit foreboding.

Following are three cues from the main body of the score, 'Escape From The Hospital (and T1000)', '"Trust Me"', and '"I'll Be Back"', all of which are action pieces. 'Escape' is an intense and impressive opus of percussion, backed with the omnipresent T-100 theme (that sounds a bit like a hoover), while 'Trust Me' goes the more melodic route, using the secondary theme for the T-800 (aka Arnie aka the good terminator). 'I'll Be Back' uses a similar tune, albeit a bit more droning. It also quotes the main theme a couple of times, and has some interesting brass flourishes, although it ends abruptly.

It sounds pretty good on vinyl, although not mindblowing in anyway. I have a feeling it's been transferred from a digital master (as the full soundtrack is a recent addition to Silva's catalogue), but like I said at the beginning, many will be buying this for the neat sleeve alone, which is fine. As it is, it works as a little twelve-minute suite which soundtrack and movie fans alike should be happy with, especially as these tracks are making their vinyl debut in the UK.

The T2 RSD14 7" is out now from Silva Screen Records