Musings About Music In Film

Queen of Carthage

  By Charlie Brigden


It's not easy reviewing soundtracks that you've not heard of, especially when the internet has barely heard of it either. Such is the case of QUEEN OF CARTHAGE, an indie drama about an American drifter who develops an obsession with a Kiwi singer. Is it any good? Who knows, I could barely find a synopsis.

That said, the music is excellent. A piano-led score with a classical feel, Byrne's music is frequently beautiful with a haunting undercurrent emphasised by the soprano voice of Danielle DeNiese. The performance is wonderful and it's incredibly moving at times (for an example of this, check out 'Graham's Lament'), capped off with the brilliant 'Waltz With Me Under The Sun' sung by Kristina Train, who has an amazing soulful voice. A great musical experience.

QUEEN OF CARTHAGE is out now from Decca

Words: Charlie Brigden