Musings About Music In Film

Oz The Great and Powerful

By Charlie Brigden ozgreat

A lot of people are quite unfair to Sir Daniel of Elfman at times, simply for having a style. The funny thing is that outside of his Tim Burton collaborations, he's really evolved to the point where he is almost chamelonic. Then again, it's not as if he hasn't been able to do this in the past (check out MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, a great action score that bears his stylistic hallmarks but sounds like nothing from any Burton movie). OZ is Elfman's big reunion with Sam Raimi after they fell out, reportedly over the use of Christopher Young's music in SPIDER-MAN 3. And it's fantastic.

Okay, I'll concede that this does recall an Elfman who previously dominated the fantasy landscape, but that's fine, because it means that it's wonderful. It's full of the typical choral flourishes and has a strong main title melody, and there are so many great little touches that make OZ a joy to listen to. Grand, soaring, beautiful, great (and powerful).

OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL is out now from Intrada Records