Musings About Music In Film


By Charlie Brigden maniac

Horror is a funny game. While it often rules the box office with hits such as SINISTER and INSIDIOUS, if the horror is *too* horrific, it’s generally scooped away in a corner to be appreciated by genre fans and discovered by those after something with a bit more bite. MANIAC – the remake of the controversial 1980 Bill Lustig “classic” – is one of those films. While I haven’t seen it yet (films like this are rarely suitable for four-year olds), I have listened to the score. And it is amazing.

As is with many genre scores of recent times, Rob’s score is heavily indebted to the synth sounds of the 80s. It’s a really striking piece of work, absolutely grimy and sleazy and appropriately murderous, but with a real sense of melody. Behind the echoing electronics, there are flickers of humanity and even regret. But Rob also presents moments of euphoria, cemented with the floor-shaking finale ‘Juno’, with Chloe Alper’s amazing Goldfrapp-esque vocals. Magnificent.

MANIAC is out now from Death Waltz Records (LP) and Hamburger Records (Digital)