Musings About Music In Film


By Charlie Brigden And then there’s John Williams. The man. The legend. The unstoppable Godzilla of contemporary film music. Johnny hit big in 2012 with two highly acclaimed scores in the guise of The Adventures of Tintin and the incredible War Horse, so what better way to kick off 2013 than with LINCOLN, Steven Spielberg’s tribute to the most famous American ever. And suitably, Williams has composed an elegant score befitting that most excellently-bearded gentleman.

Not containing the bombast that Williams is generally famous for (at least amongst the boneheads who have only ever heard STAR WARS and JURASSIC PARK), here the music is elegant, with a beautiful central theme effortlessly reflecting Lincoln’s noble cause and the struggles he faced. I have to give extra kudos to the piano work here, it’s simply magnificent, as is the Southern sound featured in ‘The Race To The House’. Genius.

LINCOLN is out now from Sony Classical