Musings About Music In Film

Iron Man Three

By Charlie Brigden ironman

IRON MAN THREE was a surprise to many this summer, not least being a smart and funny blockbuster with a human edge (a coherent and watchable film would have been acceptable after the dreary second film). However, one of the few unsurprising elements was the excellent score by Brian Tyler, one of the Hollywood brat pack whose composing stock has been steadily rising.

And why not? His score for Tony Stark's latest trial by fire is a thrilling affair, a darker and more interesting work than its two predecessors (by Ramin Djawadi and John Debney respectively). And yet it's so fun to listen to, because of the large-scale action cues and meaty material, but also the driving theme that Tyler created for the score, which quite frankly rocks. The fun of the score and the theme is summed up in 'Can You Dig It (Iron Man Three Main Titles)', the jazzy end title piece that should put a smile on anyone's face.

IRON MAN THREE is out now from Hollywood Records