Musings About Music In Film

Europa Report

By Charlie Brigden


And with a string flourish, Bear is back! Yep, it's another cracker from McCreary, this time with the score from science fiction found footage thriller EUROPA REPORT. A bunch of scientists go to Europa - one of the moons of Jupiter - to find potential life sources, and as you can imagine, bad stuff happens, it gets real tense, and we revel in it all.

Certainly, EUROPA REPORT has all the ingredients you'd expect for a intense science fiction adventure, with McCreary's trademark integration of traditional orchestral elements and electronics. In fact, there are some quite alien pieces that really emphasise the dangers of the void of space. But where the electronics work with the artificial atmosphere they bring, the piano and strings bring an almost cerebral and quasi-romantic feel to the score.

What this brings is a sense of mystery and near-spirituality, contrasting the danger with a more philosophical approach that isn't really explored much these days. By all accounts, the film is an attempt at harder science fiction, and not only the hazards that come with space exploration, but also the majesty, the romance of the unknown, and the altruism - the benefit for others that comes from taking these major steps.

McCreary has created another fantastic score, one that works to his strengths with combining electronics and orchestra, and that combines action and thriller elements with a more romantic classical sensibility. Someone really needs to get this guy on a big blockbuster, but maybe his forthcoming work on AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. will bring that in. But for now, enjoy EUROPA REPORT.

EUROPA REPORT is out now from Sparks & Shadows