Musings About Music In Film

Escape From Tomorrow

By Charlie Brigden escapetomorrow

Another controversial movie of 2013 is ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW. Secretly filmed at Florida’s Walt Disney World, it’s highly unlikely to see the light of day any time soon, however the film’s score – by one of the hottest new scoring talents, Abel Korzeniowski – is available as a download. Perhaps matching the nostalgia and excitement of the theme park, it’s a soaring score, wonderfully bold and gleefully old-fashioned. It’s almost a cliché amongst film score enthusiasts that they don’t make scores like they used to, i.e. the big orchestral melodic golden and silver age music of old purveyed by the likes of Rozsa, Korngold etc.

And while they may not be as numerous as in the heydays of Goldsmith and Williams they’re still around, with ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW being a prime candidate (THIS IS THE END also gets a high mark, although sadly Henry Jackman’s score has not received a release). Korzeniowski’s score is a tribute to those classic scores, although that’s not to say it’s completely orchestral. In fact, the score veers off occasionally in the vein of Wendy Carlos’ electronic experimentation, and even a little bit of jazz. But whether it’s traditionally orchestral or a little more off-kilter, it’s always a fascinating listen with a sense of wonder rarely heard.

ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW is out now from Sugar Free Media