Musings About Music In Film

Enough Said

By Charlie Brigden enoughsaid

I sometimes feel sorry for composers who write music for comedies. Getting the tone right isn't an easy thing, especially as comedy music tends to need to be unobstrusive (unless it's something like AIRPLANE!), and in terms of hierarchy comedy as a genre perhaps gets left behind while people obsess over action and fantasy scores, despite some of the classic comedy scores that have been written. This is my roundabout way of saying Marcelo Zarvos' music for rom-com ENOUGH SAID is pretty good.

Like many scores for this genre, it's a bit minimalistic and is based mainly on piano and guitar (which is entirely appropriate - you don't expect a theremin in music like this) and is actually a quite lovely listen at times. But there's lovely little touches with accordian and glockenspiel that are delightful, and it gets wonderfully intimate at times. I do have an issue with it, and that's the length - the variety isn't stunning, but the album is simply too long at 29 tracks. But if it was pared down to a more manageable length, I would probably be quicker to recommend it.

ENOUGH SAID is out now from Fox Music