Musings About Music In Film

Da Vinci's Demons (Collector's Edition)

By Charlie Brigden


The latest from composer named like uber zombie hunter Bear McCreary is an expansion of an earlier album. DA VINCI'S DEMONS - from the popular TV series - was originally ninety minutes in its digital guise, but now it's been extended with twelve added tracks over two CDs. How's that for value?

That means you get a hundred and twenty minutes of McCreary madness, including that infectious main theme (which also happens to be a musical palindrome). There's also plenty of his trademark electronic overlays which augment and accentuate the orchestral, some wonderful choral moments, but where it shines is in the melodies, where Bear is an absolute viking. A fine expansion to an already excellent album.

DA VINCI'S DEMONS: COLLECTOR'S EDITION is out now from Sparks & Shadows