Musings About Music In Film

Hello Moviedrone!


Hi! You might have noticed things have changed. As of today, Films On Wax has officially become Moviedrone. I imagine this is confusing, so I'll try and explain why.

Films On Wax - as good a name as it is/was - was originally chosen in mind with the approach we were taking, which was a focus on looking at soundtracks on the vinyl format (hence the wax). For many reasons, mainly because it's prohibitively expensive, it's never been something we were able to keep up, so we decided to let it go, with a new (old - we'd been using Moviedrone for some podcasts) name to show we're not focused on any particular format or medium, just the celebration of film music.

In terms of the name Moviedrone, it's one I've had percolating in my head long before we even started FOW, and is a tribute to the great BBC television show Moviedrome, where presenter Alex Cox (and later Mark Cousins) would give an introduction to a cult film, providing a sense o0f context for the film that is sometimes needed with older films that newer audiences may not always understand (the show introduced me to films like ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and THE TERMINATOR).

We thank you all for your readership so far, and hope that we'll continue to have it in 2017 and beyond...

Charlie Brigden